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I am Mahendra Gadmire from India. I am webmaster of this site. My emphasis is to provide kaspersky Antivirus offline update for the users arround world who are using Kaspersky Antivirus products.
I Also Want to Declare that I am not Authorised Importer/Distributor For Kaspersky Product for India/World. I am Free Buddy and I love this Job as free, because I am fan of Founder/CEO of Kaspersky Antivirus Lab Mr. Eugene Kaspersky

08-06-2016 - I have made Changes to Base Update for Kaspersky Internet Security 2015, to Avoid huge size of updates which will be difficult to Download !!
Step 1

I created a Full backup also Called as Base Backup file using 7Zip Utility. I created small split .rar files and uploaded to this website.

Every User must Download this splited files of .rar files on his Computer. After Download, using Winrar utility Software extract it, it will create a Sinlge BaseFile.7z File.

Again Extract this Single BaseFile.7z to root of any partition of your Computer (Example Partition D: root) using 7zip Software.

This process Will create a Folder contains important update files KIS2016_UPDATE on Partion D: root.

( Remember, This is Only One Time extraction process of Base Backup. Never Ever Delete this BaseFile.7z file which is important when you updates your antivirus every time and also remember is only One time work ! )

Download BaseFile.7z Its Free!
Step 2

As per Schedule in Every 6-7 days I create a Differential Backup. I Split the big file in Small .rar Files. You must download all .rar file and Extract this Files. It will create a Single .7z File ( Example 2016-06-01-01-00.7z) Called as differencial Backup file.

To Extract 7zip, Use 7zip Software by selecting any one of Splited file to Same Location ( Example : Partition D: root ) where you previously extracted BaseFile Folder ( KIS2016_UPDATE) Exist.

At time of Extraction the Alert will Ask to Replace All Files? You Selection Must be Replace All.

Download 7zip Utility! Its Free!
Repeating Task for Keep Your Updates latest
Please Note that, Step 2 will be done Every Time when you like to keep your Antivirus Upto Date!
Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 ver 15.0.[1.415] or Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 ver 15.0.2.[361]
DATED 20 AUGUST 2016 @ 09:00 AM IST
( Current Date : )
Differencial kis2015 Update File
Click Below link to Download Differential 7zip file
Download Differential Backup Splited 7zip Files Its Free!2

My effort for providing Kaspersky update because lot of of users around the world have or dont have Internet on their PC, if yes that may be slow one and you Kaspersky Antivirus stuck between update! Your Antivirus must have latest updates, that keep you Viruses away! So download above updates in pieces and unzip it in folder and update it ... Finish :)
I am doing this work for freelancing.
If any one found my work is helpful, please Send Comment to my email id .. be Safe! ... Thx
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